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Knossi ends casino streaming

We have been reporting on the extensive gaming sessions of the popular casino streamer Knossi for a long time. A few days ago, the internet star surprisingly announced in a statement that he no longer wants to publish casino streams with immediate effect.

This means that the German entertainer’s comparatively short “Twitch career”, at least in the area of ​​casino streaming, ends after just under three years. But what motivated Knossi to take this step and what topics does he want to devote himself to streaming instead in the future? In his latest video, Jens Knossalla alias “Knossi” announces that he no longer wants to stream casino content in the new year. The 34-year-old is daring a complete new start after playing for a lot of money at various online gambling providers over a period of around two years.

“A crazy time is coming to an end”

The subtitle of his statement uploaded on YouTube already suggests that the past months and years have been anything but normal for him. In just under seven minutes, the most famous German casino streamer reminisces about the past few years and already says in the video description that a crazy time is coming to an end. The self-proclaimed king also published similar words on Instagram:

“I have decided myself that there will be no more casino content on my channel”.

The “Knossi fans” do not have to fear that the German entertainer will now be completely calm. Knossi explicitly said that there will be “great new shows” soon. Knossi also asked for understanding for his decision and encouraged his fan base not to be sad. With the words “It’s over! It’s just over! ”The native of Karlsruhe put it in a nutshell. We previously reported on Knossi and his change of heart about casino streaming in November last year. At this point it was already foreseeable that Knossi would probably no longer pursue his activity as a casino streamer forever.

In his emotional way, the entertainer expressed:

“There’s no getting around it. At some point I want to leave this world with a good feeling. And that’s why I decided (…) that there will be no more casino streams on this channel from this year. (…) Me wants people here who have fun here ”.

No more casino content – with one exception

After Knossi talked for several minutes about the fact that there will be no more streams with casino content in the new year, he then points out a small exception. He doesn’t want to stop playing poker. In his statement, he points out that it all started with poker and that in the past he has appeared more often as a poker commentator. Therefore, he could not part with this part of the game of chance and would remain loyal to the card game. In addition to his work as a live streamer and poker commentator, Knossi also gained fame throughout Germany through his participation in various television shows and as a TV presenter.

In the past, we sometimes reported almost weekly on the gaming sessions of the most popular German casino streamers. In addition to Knossi, this also includes MontanaBlack, Shirox, Roshtein and CasinoMoLive. Often the streamers played with very high stakes in order to attract as many viewers as possible. The last time Knossi held its famous Christmas camp was in December. Now it’s all over.

Opinions have always been divided
In the past, opinions about the “streaming star” have always been divided. Often the “casino streamer” was assumed to encourage young people to play. He himself denied this statement several times, pointing out that there had never been any casino deals and that he just wanted to entertain the audience.

At the end of October last year, for example, the ZDF magazine Frontal21 published a critical report on how influencers earn money from other people’s addictions. At that time it was also about Knossi. In addition, lawyers repeatedly pointed out that the streamers are moving on a legally shaky construct.

Jens Knossalla was born on July 7, 1986 in Malsch (Baden-Württemberg) and started his internet career several years ago. Knossi calls himself the “King of the Internet” and wears a golden crown at almost every appearance. Knossi grew up in Rastatt, where he also trained as an office clerk. Jens Knossalla became a father in 2019. In October 2020 Knossi published his first book with the title: “Knossi – King of the Internet: About my rise and success as a streamer”.

Knossi faces an uncertain future

It will be interesting to see which thematic focuses Knossi will decide on his channel in the future. It is also questionable whether his huge fan base will support the restructuring or will gradually lose interest. The streamer from Baden-Württemberg currently has around 1.5 million followers on Twitch under the user name “TheRealKnossi”.


From now on, the approximately 1.5 million “Knossi subscribers” will have to do without their self-proclaimed king of the Internet – at least when it comes to the successful casino streams. As a streamer and entertainer away from the gaming world, Knossi will remain with the community. So far, however, it is not yet clear in which direction the young entertainer’s Twitch and YouTube channels will develop. According to his honest statement, which was also uploaded to YouTube, the only fact is that casino streaming is finally over.